Monday, January 19, 2009

Smells like teen vampires...

Yep. You can now smell like Bella. There's a Twilight-themed perfume on the market. I have to say, this is getting ridiculous. If you're interested, it's available at Hot Topic.
An article about the new scent says:

What does Bella smell like? Well there’s a hint of formadelhyde with a lingering smell of Suave shampoo, and mildew because she lives in Washington. OK, fine it actually smells like every other old lady wearing “lavander and freesia”!

Across the bottle it reads, “The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.”


Anja said...

Hahahahaha like old ladies xDD oh my, i think a perfume is too much :P

Anonymous said...

well i WAS ganna buy some but den i prolly would not have liked the smell!! && how would thy kno what she smells lyk...duh thy dont!! just a way to make munny off disepointed at hollywood