Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Online Discussion of Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion

Dark Reunion, the fourth book in the Vampire Diaries series takes the story to a whole new level! Just when you thought it was all over, worse things hit the little town of Fell's Church, and now the kids are left alone without even one friendly vampire to help them out! Thankfully, Elena is there to help them in spirit, but will that be enough?

What did you think of this ending to the series?
Bonnie predicts that "nothing is as it seems". Did you notice how the characters grow and change in this book? Which characters did you think changed the most?
What does the title, "Dark Reunion" refer to?
Were you satisfied with the ending?

Comment below, and we'll get a discussion going!
Note: The in-person discussion is at the Tecumseh Branch this Thursday, at 3:30! Everyone is welcome to attend!


wolfgirl said...

i loved all of the books i cant wait to talk about them to day

Debnog said...

Me too, Wolfgirl, me too.

anna said...

I loved the books too, I can't wait until number 5 comes out!

Anonymous said...

they r the best books i have ever read!

anna said...

I agree anonymous, i love the vampire diaries, but L.J. Smith has soo many great books! it's really hard to choose a favorite! Night World was also one of the best book series I've ever read I'm already up to Vol. 2 has anyone else gotten to read all of them?

Kpeezy. said...

What about the Night World books?
I absolutely LOVE the books!!
Actually there laying on the bed with
me right now!!;; I really want them
to be a movie I would do anything!!
I love them!! :D