Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Discussion: Mortal Instruments Series

July's discussion was on the Mortal Instruments series of books by Cassandra Clare. If you want to read them, start with the first book, City of Bones. I think we all agreed at the Bella's Book Club meeting that this series was a really good one. The books keep you going, with it's thrilling ups and downs.

Here's some comments that I picked up from the discussion. Feel free to post your own comments below.

"There were a lot of surprises in this book and I didn't see things coming!"

"We know that the City of Bones is a reference to the place that the Silent Brothers live, and we know that the City of Glass is Alicante, but what is the City of Ashes?"

"I was really mad at the ending [of City of Bones] to find out that [two unnamed characters] can't be boyfriend and girlfriend!"

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