Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Discussion: Fallen by Kate Lauren

Random notes from the March Bella's Book Club meeting about Fallen:

She keeps dying over and over again because she loves this guy--unfair, and kinda repetitive!

Luce is clingy. She is shallow because as soon as she sees Daniel she doesn't like Cam! What is with this?

The story started out slow, but gained momentum about half way.

All the clues in this book lead to nothing (note: some of them do lead to something, but there are a LOT of red herrings!

Everyone in this school is involved in this struggle between good and evil, and Luce doesnt know that at first.

They don't fight to win---they fight til they get tired.

The librarian is evil--that's just wrong (tee hee!)

Cam does nice things, yet he is a "bad" character. He gets a bad rap.

We really like the shadows, they build suspense and their existence really adds to the mystery of the book.

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