Friday, September 23, 2011

October Selection: Darkness Becomes Her

When we meet on October 8,  we will be discussing Kelly Keaton's Darkness Becomes Her. This book takes place in a spooky New Orleans setting.  I became interested in this title back in June, when I visited New Orleans and the American Library Association conference there.  It's fun and interesting to imagine the fictional characters of the story in the real-life places I've been.
Also, just F.Y.I.: I think that I saw the gate that's pictured on the cover of the book at one of the cemeteries that I visited in New Orleans. All the graves are above ground, in little marble buildings, and some of them had elaborate ironwork fences with gates around the grave. This one, with it's weeping angel in the middle and the two tree branches that form the frame for the gate really stick out in my mind!

Here's a trailer for the book, which is nice, but doesn't do it justice.  The book was pretty amazing, and the plot twist surprised me, which I like.  I will take the time to read the next book in the series, and I can't say that for all the books we read at Bella's Book Club.


Braine said...

New Orleans is one of my fave fiction places, the history and location is so magical and eerie at the same time. Lucky you to have been able to visit such a fine city, touring New Orleans is on my bucket list.

Debnog said...

Braine, You would really like this book (Darkness Becomes Her). I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it turned out to be. Part romance, yes, like Twilight, but it's strongest features are the mythological details, action and conflict. I liked it in the way that I liked Cassandra Clare's "City Of..." series.

Debnog said...

And, it uses a great many of New Orleans' most famous sights! I got a map of NOLA marked with the settings from the book on it at a conference.