Sunday, September 28, 2008

October 9th Book Discussion: Vampire Kisses Series by Ellen Schreiber

So…what did you think? I finished book one, and have finished book two, Kissing Coffins. Post your comments here by clicking on “comments” below.

Did this book (Vampire Kisses) leave you with questions? I know that it did with me. That’s good! We need some questions for our discussion on October 9th. Post your questions by commenting below.

My questions were:

I didn’t feel like what Raven did was so awful. Why, without really any explanation, did Alexander just take off–angry at her? Did it seem in his character to just totally take the opinion of a stranger (Trevor) over the girl he loves without question?

If he was so angry, how did he get over it in three days? It seemed unbelievable to me that just because the neighbors threw a welcome party, he has suddenly forgiven Raven. Does that make sense?

I liked book two better than book one. The plotline of Kissing Coffins is just so much better. It's not Twilight-good in my opinion, but it's okay. I like the addition of the new character, Jagger. I wonder where this will take us in the rest of the series!
One thing that still bothers me about these books--does it seem like Alexander as a character is less than fully developed? I just can't seem to get a feel for his personality. He seems flat to me.
What do you think?


Shelbi said...

I loved the first and second books in the 'Vampire Kisses' series! I think they were just like the Twilight series and I liked them. The author was however very creative with the characters. I liked how she put in Trevor as the mean kid and Becky and Matt ended up together. I read each book in one day and can't wait to get my hands on the third book.

Debnog said...

aleskie_hottie101 said...

well i need to read kissing coffens still
but yahh i loved vamp. kisses
its soo awsome tastic
its the best book [other thatn twilight=)] lol
well tttl
cya on october 6th

Michelle said...

Yes, I loved it too!

alexander stirling said...

I have read the monga and i think that it is more interesting than the book because you meet alexanders cousin cloud who is new to dullsville

Shelbi said...

I loved the vamp. kisses series! In my opinion the last book was the best. I liked how Phoenix ended up. That was the perfect ending. It added a nice little twist. I didn't get if he was going to turn Raven into a vampire though. Was he? Also I loved the dungeon and how Ellen gave Raven some new vamp friends. I thought the idea of the dungeon was so cool and it would be sooooooooo cool if there was a real club like that, Coffin Club included. And also, though I have nothing against goths and don't think they're wierd or anything, I think the story would have been better if Raven and Alexander wouldn't have been goth. I don't know why but thats just what I think.(It did add something unique to the story though i mean how many stories do you read about a goth girl who's obsessed with vampires and just happens to fall into love with one?)

jasmine said...

i love the book but i haven't read 3 or 4 but i can't wait i love the 1 and 2 i can't wait in till the book club

Jasmine said...

ok i am done with the 3 book but now i am on the 4 book i cant wait to read the 5 one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine said...

ok i am done with the 3 book but now i am on the 4 book i cant wait to read the 5 one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TehHennaMonster said...

I started reading this series to tide me over until Breaking Dawn, but I just ended up getting hooked on this series too! I haven't read the fourth one yet, but I can't wait till I get that book in my grasp! :3 This series is definitely one of the best vampire series I've read in a long time because I can actually relate to the main character, being stuck in a BORING town, having a guy who I totally hate who won't leave me alone, being OBSESSED with vampires (and maybe I even have a vampire lover but that's a secret I'll never tell ;D)

Anonymous said...

I love the series! I was going to get
book 4! but someone in school already took it,ugh.I find this series better then the Twilight series (My opinion)
and the reason that Alexander forgave her was because he was so in love with Raven.He tried to ask her why she had snicked in his house,but then of course Trevor ruined everything.Leading Alexander to believe Raven was the bad person.

paulyn ides said...

I think vampire kisses is a cool book! (but of course, twilight is the best. teehee)

I have never read it's first book, but i found the 4th book, i think the subtitle is "a dance with the vampire"?

I am starting to read it although i'm having some difficulties to understand some characters because i never had the chance to read the first book but when i found one on the bookstore, i'll surely buy it.

I also read the first manga of it... and i think the manga and the book are different? because I think(based on the comments i read) that claude is not told in the book? did i get it right?

well. i like your blog!!! It has full of vampires!! i love vampires!! hihi. keep it up!(^^)

Debnog said...

I agree, and I loved the manga version. I almost liked it better than the series. I thought it was well done, and I am really not a big manga reader.

I believe that I've heard that the rights for this series has been bought to make a movie.

Paulyn, I'd go back and start with book one, then read through again. It would make the complications of their relationship so much more meaningful!

Anonymous said...

I just finished the third book now I'm off to the fourth
The thing I like about the second and third book is that there is just much more suspense in those 2 books. I can't wait to read the fourth. I mean, the first book was good, but I don't know, there's kind of more of an air of suspense in the second book.

To defend Alexander (LOL) Raven was awful because, well, she believed the rumors (they were true, but still). I mean, if you look at it from Alexander's side, it kind of seemed like she liked him because he was a vampire, and all the vampire factors. ^^ Wouldn't you want the person you love to just accept you and not because of some, well, assumptions? Raven dreamed to become a vampire, Alexander knows that, and he thinks it's one of the reasons she liked him.

And about him taking Trevor's opinion over Raven's.... Isn't that why he asked Raven what was going on? She kept something from him, and he hears a valid reason which seems to fit... So, like I assume anyone probably would, he had doubt.

...He didn't just soften up with a welcome party. Firstly, the whole argument thing was just because of shock. The girl you like likes you for your vampir-ishness. 3 days seems like ample time to recover. He had time to reason it all out, because I think in a way, he is a sensitive type. He got angry, and might have realized he was wrong...

Well, whhooa that was a lot of typing.

GothGirl13 said...

I own all three books and have read them each at least three time Im still waiting for the forth.My favorite charactor is Raven I can relate to her in so many ways I just wish my goth guy will get here soon :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to know if it is going to be a moive. i know that they are in the process of writing the script, but that was like 2 yrs. ago. And i searched the net, but they didn't have any info on it.

courtney said...

I loved the first book. I read it in the course of two hours... Twice haha. It was kind of boring at first, but then I thought things with Trevor were interesting, but I didn't like the parts after the Halloween chapter until she met Alexander. But yes a very great book.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. So many vamp falls for human or human falls for vamps portray the characters as popular or just normal,Bella-ish even. I
think it's cool that the characters
in this one were goth. Besides im
sorta of goth and ob-sessed with
vampires. ive always been obsessed with them. And Alexander is pretty
dreamy. My dream guy. I havent't
met my goth dream guy. And i can
relate 2 raven. being the only goth in a school full of plastics.
Way 2 go raven.

vanpirekizzes luver said...

i loved vampire kisses first book i ever read that had to do with vampires it's like the perfect love story i would love to be Alexanders girlfriend he sounds nice and kind.

Anonymous said...

u peeps don't even know how to spell the names in the books correctly. I have read 1 - 6 in the vampire kisses series 4 times each. I have also read the first 2 manga's 4 times each. i know the whole entire story of vampire kisses by heart. i am part goth so i think it's great that ellen wrote a series that goth's can look up to. i myself am not a big fan of twilight. well i hope u take my advice to heart bye.

p.s. i didn't just read the books-
i own them all.

Raven madison said...

vampire kisses was a really good series... i read all the books. i just finished the most recent one
LOVE BITES... and was wondering if another book was coming out?