Saturday, October 4, 2008

Next month's selections

Hey all!

Now that you've read a book, or several books in only a two-week period, how do you feel about reading more than one book by November's meeting?

Several of you have commented that you are able to read more than just the first book in the Vampire Kisses series...some of you have read all the way to book 5 in the series. (BTW, if you want to read books 2-5, see me at Tecumseh Branch. I can probably hook you up with a copy of one.)

Currently, we have scheduled Blood and Chocolate to read before November 6th. Do you want to schedule a second book to read along with that? We will have four weeks before the next meeting. I was thinking that since Blood and Chocolate is a single book (not part of a series), maybe we could read another standalone book like Tantalize, then just move up the next series into that slot. (If you want to see the schedule of books that we chose through February, scroll down!)

What do you think?


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Shelbi said...

I LOVED this book! It was slow-going at first but once it got going I couldn't put it down! I actually considered not reading it at the beginning but then it got good. I can't wait to compare the book to the movie. I already know that I don't like who they picked for Vivian from the cover, but I want to know who they picked for Esme and Astrid. Don't you think it's funny that Vivian's mom's name is Esme and so is Edward's? Rafe also reminds me of Trevor from Vampire Kisses. Also I think it's kind of sick how Vivians mom liked Gabriel and he was only 24! I mean she could have been his mom. I didn't know this was really a romance book but it turned out to be one of those more than anything. Anyway I can't wait to get Tantalize because it's sunday and I don't have anything to read! C ya @ the movie if not sooner.