Sunday, October 12, 2008

Third Twilight Trailer

Did you see it? A new soundtrack, a few new clips, and some that we've already seen. What did you think? Did you notice things you hadn't seen before? The clips were so short, and as soon as I started thinking about one, they were on to something else! I really like the overall overcast gray look to the film---I think it really embodies what Forks is supposed to be like. I also like the lush green of the meadow, and the way the camera sort of spirals above them. I can't wait to see what they do with Edward's "sparkly" skin.

I took some screen shots from the trailer. What is the one with the gazebo covered in lights? When did Bella and Edward have their first dance? Could that be prom?


Shelbi said...

I think that was prom. I was about to say that it was at the snow ball but thet was in Vamp kisses. So now I think it's prom.

aleksie_hottie101 said...

i think it is prom!
and the pix are soo good
i love them
i cant stop thinking about twilight
i cant waite till 11-21-08!!!
ima go to the premere! im happy!