Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grudge Match: Edward vs. Jacob

The Knoxville News Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee had the following article online, and I thought it was clever:

Grudge Match: Edward vs. Jacob ('Twilight')
We compare two pop-culture subjects to see which you like better. This week's match:
EDWARD vs. JACOB ("Twilight")
In "Twilight," we have Edward, a vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf. Eddie is all about the beautiful Bella, and, well, Jacob doesn't think she's half bad either. So get out your fangs and claws, people. We have sides to pick.

Ed: He likes to neck. (Get it? He's a vampire.)
Jacob: You can curl up to him to get warm on a cold winter's night.
Ed: He's old enough to be Bella's grandpa.
Jacob: Many of his ex-girlfriends report he purrs a lot when he's sleeping.
Ed: He has that whole "likes-to- drink-blood" thing going on.
Jacob: He might shed all over your parents' furniture.
Ed: Sure, she's found her soul mate in Edward, but he's got a lot of undead issues.

Can you think of any other points of interest? Comment below, and let's keep this grudge match going!


wolfgirl said...

i like jacob the best and he is no werewolf he is a shapesifter you all sould no that(you read it)
i just like him i dont no why.

Debnog said...

I was totally Team Jacob, too. I mean, he just makes more sense for Bella. She doesn't have to change anything to be with him, and by change, here I mean: become the undead.

Sorry Edward!

Amanda said...

OK...but she doesn't feel the way about Jacob that she does about Edward. She's head over heels for Edward. Jacob is her buddy. There's really no contest here.

Sorry Jacob.

K&K Unite said...

we would definitely be team edward because jacob is a jerk. and edward has a volvo and bmw and mercedies and vanquish. yah.

k and k said...

wolfgirl is a freak

Abby!!!! aka: Ultimate Twilight Fan said...

Team Edward all the way! I mean... here's a few reasons:
1. Jacob doesn't sparkle
2. a dog is a PET not a soulmate!
3. only a vampire can love you forever!

need i say anymore! I'm only Team Jacob when and IF Taylor Lautner is in the picture. That's it. Nothing else. And yeah, Kim? I get Robert! That's right! In your face!

Shelbi and Hannah said...

Shelbi said:
That was soooo funny! I loved it.
If you had a regular crush against your soulmate who would pick, your soulmate (Edward) Duh!!!!I mean come on!!!!
Hannah said:
WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that they are both cute and they are both sort of over protective!!!!!!! if i had the choice i dont know who i would choose!!!!!!!!!!:)
Shelbi said:
You have to choose. Pick Edward!!!!!!!

Isle_Esme said...

Um. Yeah. Definitely Edward. I choose hot (or should I say cold) male model with smoldering black/golden eyes and rock hard (literally) body any day over feverish wolf-boy. Jacob was cool up until he demanded feelings from Bella that weren't there, and then physically took them from her as he forced himself on her for one kiss. Not cool. Ever since then, I've kind of hated Jacob. Don't worry, I've forgiven him. But Edward is more mature - yes he's had a century to gain said maturity, but age is just a number. And he never forced Bella to do anything she didn't want to, despite wanting her a thousand time more than Jacob.

Mari said...

I'm with you, Wolfgirl. To each her own, but I think Bella was silly to choose Edward. Jacob's an awesome character. Another vote for Jacob.

Leah said...

Whoa! Isle Esme,
I think that Edward did in fact cause Bella to do things she didn't want to---out of guilt! I mean, I agree that the whole Jacob kissing thing was totally, totally uncool, but Edward was demanding in his own right.

It infuriates me that he "forbids" her to go to LaPush. He seems to think that he can totally place restrictions on her like she is his property. I mean, Billy has fewer restrictions than this!

I just for once, would like to see Edward respect Bella like the strong, independent person she COULD be (if of course, she wasn't so co-dependent on him!)

wolfgirl said...

thanks mari jacob may not have money but he has heart and will fight for what he loves edward will do the same but jacob just does it diffent thats why i like him + i live in indana and no one wants a cold guy in winter here

to each there own
lots of love to all

Amanda said...

Kirsten and I are starting a Team James. We've decided we'd rather have him.

Anonymous said...

I vote team Edward. I think Jacob is cool to have as a best friend. He's awesome. Edward is Bella's soulmate. She has feelings for him that she never had for Jacob.
Another point to bring up: Bella always said she was plain and not special. In the fourth book, it shows that Bella is certainly not plain. She has found her calling. It is what happens in the fourth book that confirms my vote for Edward! :)

aleksie_hottie02 said...

im all team edward
lol..jacob may-b best choose but not right for bella!! but i think bella should have jacob so i can have edward[im just selfish that way!!!

aleksie_hottie02 said...

team edward!

Stephanie O' said...

If I were Bella, I would have totally picked Jacob because who wouldn't want to be around someone who always brought a smile to your face? Bella never laughs with Edward, but she does with Jacob. Bella and Edward's relationship is a little too obsessive for me, but maybe that's what makes them work so well. I would've chosen Jacob in a heartbeat though.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for team Edward, hes right for Bella, and anyway Jacob can be a right jerk!! but i think that Quil sounds kinda fit!! but still Edward is the one soul mate for Bella.She made the right decision choosing him.

Hanna said...

i like both. so can i vote team Switzerland? But i think Edward is exactly right for Bella and Jacob now has Nessie.

Anonymous said...

Ok someone said that bella doesn't feel the same with jacob...*spoiler* that's no true because in eclipes he tricks her into kissing him a second time (the 1st time he kissed her she punched him in the face an broke her hand) and she discovers that she acctualy is in love with jacob just not enough to give up edward... I think that real stupid cus it jus make it worst for jacob... knowing she loves him when she won't be with him because bellas to attched to the bloodsuckers. (oh and im team jacob all the way not only is he hot [taylor lautner] but he sweet and funny [tayler's charactor, jacob] but he also hates rose in the breaking dawn just like mee :] ).