Monday, December 15, 2008

Will Taylor Lautner return as Jacob?

Rumors are abuzz about replacing Taylor Lautner as Jacob, and other actors being considered for the part. In Summit Entertainment’s press release on Saturday, which included the official synopsis of the movie, Stewart and Pattinson’s names appear in the synopsis after their characters, but Taylor Lautner’s does not. This looks bad for 16-year-old Lautner, who some consider too young-looking to play the updated, more powerful Jacob that we see in New Moon.


Nick said...

Ok, I'll probably get some flak for saying this...but...I don't think Lautner should get the part. It's not that he was bad, per se, but he just wasn't what I pictured. I don't think he could pull off the Jacob required by the story. Furthermore, I feel they should cast a true Native American as Jacob. Native Americans are underrepresented in the media as it is, and a part that calls for the character to be such, should be cast appropriately. Lautner's pals in the movie were more convincing to me.

Leah said...

Here, here!
I was actually disappointed that the role of Jacob DIDN'T go to a Native American actor. I'd like to see that happen, too.

Not that Taylor Lautner didn't do a fine job as Jacob in the film. He was, of course, underused, but I found him to be believable, and I really liked him. I thought his acting was really top notch.

I think it might not be all that bad if they did cast someone else in the role.

Amanda said...

I'm with both of you, I like Lautner alright but I had issues with him not being Native American and I also think he just looks too young to be able to continue in the part as they age Jacob dramatically for the next films. By the time Jake stops aging he is supposed to have matured to around 25. I doubt that kid can pull off 25. I just don't see it.

I would like to see them replace him with an actual Native American who I can believe in as the character.

Anja said...

i agree with Nick, he wasnt as good as i had in mind just from the book, i mean he did work hard im guessing but he is too young, he looks tiny net to edward in a way. how will they want to buffen taht kid upp?

wolfgirl said...

i hope he will

Anonymous said...

I agree. I really like Taylor. He has great enthusiasm for the part and I will feel really bad for him if he does not get it, BUT I agree he the part NEEDS to go a NATIVE AMERICAN actor. His pals were more convincing as they look native american. There has to be a young hunky Native American actor/model who could pull off the Jacob we all imagined. Jake was my favorite character and want to see him represented the right way. He is 16 yes, but supposed to look 25 years old. He is supposed to be just massive and muscular. No actor is going to be believably 7 feet tall but they coudl get a native american actor over 6 feet with the bulk/muscle required and then do their movie magic for added height. I suppose they could bulk out Taylor too, but I really think the part deserves to go a native american actor. If the part called for an Aferican American or Asian actor they would cast them as such right?

I heard the original director said she had a hard time finding a Native Am. to fill the role. They must not be looking very hard. I have heard people on other blogs/board throw out at least 3-4 good candidates for the role who were Native AM