Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries becomes a TV show!

Well, this is truly amazing news! Apparently, the CW has signed on the Vampire Diaries pilot! YAY! This could be a really great series, if they do it well. I can't wait to see Stefan and Elena come to life. Even more exciting are the plum roles of Bon nie the sometimes-psychic, and Damon, the dark, mischievous brother.

In other news, the new book in the
Vampire Diaries Series comes out today! It's called Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall. Here's some of Michael Schneider's article from Variety:

The CW is looking to take a bite out of the vampire craze, picking up a pilot based on the "Vampire Diaries" series of books.

"Vampire Diaries" comes from Alloy Entertainment, the same shingle whose past book series led to the Dub's series "Gossip Girl" and "Privileged."

Originally published in 1993 -- which, as the CW took pains to note, was years before Stephanie Meyer launched her "Twilight" book franchise -- "Vampire Diaries" revolves around a young woman who's torn between two vampire brothers -- one good, one evil -- who are battling for her soul, and the souls of her pals, family and the small town where they live.

The CW has reunited with "Scream," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Dawson's Creek" scribe Kevin Williamson, who last produced "Hidden Palms" for the net, to exec produce and write. Julie Plec ("Kyle XY") is also on board to write and exec produce.

Warner Bros. TV, where Alloy (which owns the rights to "Vampire Diaries") is set up, is the studio; Alloy's Les Morgenstein and Bob Levy are also exec producers.

A four-book novel series, "Vampire Diaries" was originally penned by L.J. Smith. After the success of the "Twilight" series, Morgenstein suggested to HarperCollins, the publisher of the "Diaries" books, that they should re-release the books with new covers.

Since then, "Diaries" has hit the New York Times Bestseller list, and HarperCollins has ordered three more books. The first new installment, "The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall," comes out Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

when will it be on tv
i cant wait
i cant wait to read the new book

Emily said...

Can't wait for the series...it should start in the fall.

anna said...

It's so exciting! I can't wait for it to go on T.V. I'm a new fan of L.J. Smith's but I LoOOOve the vampire diaries so much! Has anyone read the new book yet? I did, and it was a lot more grown up than the older books, but it's my understanding that the author plans to make the Damon (vampire diaries 5,6,7) trilogy a hurt/comfort story, so the first book is going to be pretty intense while the next two will be more like the old ones. If you read the new book let me know what you think!

wolfgirl said...

i cant wait so happy
danceing in seat
so happy

Anonymous said...

the new book was priity good! I cant wait to see what there gunna do for the tv series, if anyone know the exact date of when the tv seriers wil show can you post it please, i wonder who will play the parts of damon, and stehan. oohhhh

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to disappoint people on this site, I mean, I am also a HUGE fan of TVD, but, I've read the script for the first episode on vampirediaries.net and, well, um.....The only similarities the show will have with the books are the names Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Matt, and Vickie. I am not joking that is the ONLY thing it has in common except for the fact that the brothers are vampires. THEY CHANGED THE SALVATORES TO WHITMORES AND NOW THEYRE FROM THE CIVIL WAR ERA IN VIRGINIA THEY CHANGED THE TOWNS NAME TO MYSTIC FALLS AND THEY REPLACED MARGARET WITH A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GUY NAMED JEREMY AND HES A STONER!!!


Every time I think about it I start crying :(

Anonymous said...

oh wow that is just sad how they changed so much. im disappointed. and pretty mad about it too...ugh. w/e

Chimichanga said...

In the TV series they better make Stefan and Damon pretty d*** hot!!! I loved the Nightfall book!! I was like OH MY GOD throughout the book. What kind of bothers me is that Elena is so loose. People like that make me mad.

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