Sunday, November 15, 2009

BBC Grudge Match: Edward vs. Jacob

We are only days away from the New Moon premiere, so let's have a grudge match for old time's sake! Yes, we know how the story ends, but let's take ourselves back to the end of New Moon. Should Bella take Edward back? Should she explore the new relationship with Jacob? Who really is better for Bella--vampire or werewolf? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Jacob or Edward? Weigh in on this grudge match below by clicking on "comments".



Chelsea said...

TEAM JACOB! Jake really loves her. He's not as selfish as Edward, he just wants Bella to be happy, and he's there for her when Edward is not.

Team Jacob!

Anonymous said...

TEAM EDWARD! Edward is very caring, unlike Jacob. Sure, in Twilight Jacob is sweet, i agree. And he helps Bella in New Moon, but Edward really loves her, thats why he leaves in the first place. During Eclipse, Edward lets Bella decide who she wants to love, when Jacob starts acting like he's so much better than everyone else & tells Bella she has options.

I'm 100% Team Edward. (:

Shelberto said...

Team Edward of course! I don't know what it is about but I like the thought of a guy wanting your blood but he knows he can't have it because it would hurt you. But at the same time he fights it because he absolutely loves her!!!!!

Amanda said...

Where's the New Moon review thread Noggle?

Anonymous said...

TeAm EdWrD!
all the way!!
he dose everything he can for bell and would die for her ((hopefully he wont die!!))
edward loves her more then n e one

i agree that jacob would be the best choice for bella..but not the right choice. bella and jacob would bot be happy together sooner or later they would brake up because of manny reasons like

1. bella dose not love him that way and there for jacob would be the only one.

2. gets mad soo easaly he could hurt bella and then self-loath.

3. its not true love and bella would probably run away to find edward cuz she loves him.

edward also had bad paoints but he makes up for them by being supper sexi!!! lol

edward sacrifices his life and who he is just for her. thats soo romantic and he would give her up if she wanted him too. i would get soo pissed and everything but if he thought is was best for her then he would do it. it way not be right but at least he was thinking about her the whole time!!

if you wanna die for someone, why not live for them too? i wouldn't want someone to die for me so i would give all everything into living for them. cause i know he wouldn't want me to die for him.

jacob is sweet and cares about her, and he wouldn't want to harm her or get her hurt. but edward is also all of those things and there for i am team edward!!

i fell in love at first site(word?) for edeward! just everything about him is mysterious and he is BTW SUPPER HOT( if you were baking cookies on him. they would burn) im glad they ended up together and can live haply!!