Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon Reviews!

OK...New Moon has been out for a week. If you're like me, you had to see it opening weekend, if not the very first showing at 12:01 Friday morning. It's time to share your thoughts. Did the movie follow the plot of the book? Was it everything you expected it to be? How did you like the wolf pack? Did you think Edward was in the movie enough? How much screaming was going on during the time you saw it? Did anyone switch over from Team Edward to Team Jacob after this one because I was tempted. Did you think the ending, borrowing from third book was OK?


*For those of you who haven't seen the movie, be warned: These comments contain spoilers!


Sarai said...

I like Edward well enough, but must admit I am a Team Jacob fan because Jacob is happier and there is not so much suffering when he is there. When Edward is there, everyone is unhappy!

I am always disappointed with CGI when you can tell it is CGI. I mean, come on, they did it in Jurassic Park how many years ago? Things should have improved by now. I should not be able to tell it's not real! I was disappointed in the movie's wolf effects.

Theer was MUCH screaming in the showing I went to. it started with a preview of another movie starring Robert Pattinson and continued throughout. My personal favorite scream-inducing scene was when Jacob took off his shirt to staunch Bella's bloody forehead. He didn't do a good job of cleaning off the blood, but boy, does he know how to take off his shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

Overall I thought it was really great! Far superior to the crappy first movie. Rob and Kristen really bring some meaning to what could be interpreted as banal lines in some instances. Taylor did a great job with Jacob. I must disagree with the previous comment about the CGI wolves. I was actually impressed with them. CGI will never look real, because it isn't real. My favorite scenes included: 1) The Victoria chase through the woods as Thom Yorke song was beautifully playing, 2) Arriving at Emily's place. Emily was exactly how I pictured in the book, and loved the intimate moment between she and Sam, 3)Carlisle and Bella's conversation when he's stitching her up (about souls) and 4) anything involving the Volturi. Aro was fantastic. I was almost team Jacob for a second in this movie.

SciFi_fReAk said...

The movie was excellent! Now they need to go back and redo Twilight with the bigger budget and Chris instead of Catherine, lol. But what do you mean about "the ending borrowing from the third book"? The ending happened pretty much like it did in the book, except that they weren't in the bedroom when Edward asked Bella to marry him.

Amanda said...

I thought this movie was technically and visually much better than the first. But then, there was much more money too. I thought they did a good job with the wolves for the most part except the black one that looked far worse than the others and I'm not sure why. The music was also great again.

The story I felt was very true to the plot of the book and the parts left out I didn't really miss much. Overall, I think they did a good job staying true to the book. Chris Weitz said they borrowed from the third book in the end and I figured it was the proposal. It's been so long since I read the books that I didn't remember which book that fell in.

I have to say, I enjoyed the movie much more while Edward was gone. I'm with Sarai. When he's there everyone is serious and everything seems far too dramatic. When he's gone Bella laughs and smiles with Jacob and it's a welcome change from all the moodiness.

Where the books are concerned, I'm definitely for Edward, especially when you get into later books and Jacob starts acting more and more immature but this movie did a good job of showing people how Jacob could be a viable option. I'm glad they didn't replace Taylor Lautner because he did a good job.

There was a good deal of screaming at the show I went to as well, especially the scene where Jacob takes the shirt off to clean the blood from Bella's head. I laughed a lot at this movie. I really did. I think they did a pretty good job but there are places where, in the book when reading I don't feel like it's that intense or the perspective I have isn't quite as cheesy as it seems on film.

I enjoyed the side characters. I thought they did a great job with the wolf pack and again...despite his portrayal being quite weird...Jasper was great. I can't help but laugh at him.

Controversial opinion: I'd like the movies much more if Kristen Stewart could act and Robert Pattinson didn't look like Frankenstein.

carleigh said...

I saw New Moon on the midnight premiere and I loved it!I thought they did a WAY better job on the new moon then twilight.New moon was more accurate to the book then twilight was and the affects were really good too.

One thing that did piss me off was that Jacob had his shirt off for basically the ENTIRE movie.I mean I wanted to scream,"we get it he's hot and he's a wolf let's move on."
I realize that in the book he has his shirt off a lot but in the movie it just seemed like too much

Don't get me wrong I love Edward but sometimes he and bella bug me,that's why I switched to team jacob but I changed my mind again.So now I'm
who was always always pushed to the sidelines *sad*

But overall i loved new moon and recomend it.