Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Vampire Diaries 5!

Good news. According to author L.J. Smith, there will be a Vampire Diaries 5! On her website, L.J. Smith, the author gives the following hints about the book, yet to be published:

"Yep, here he is, a whole book devoted to bad boy Damon. There is plenty, however, about Elena and her new powers to startle readers. The most important of her permanent changes is that she now has blood that is like rocket fuel compared to the unleaded gasoline that runs through everyone else’s veins. This blood gives Stefan unprecedented Powers, but he’s stuck with the same old problem; love Elena as she wishes and turn her into a vampire, or leave her?
Stefan’s answer, this time, is to leave her briefly, in the hands of his brother Damon while he goes to track down a rumor that vampires can leave their curse behind. Bad idea. Damon is possessed by a powerful spirit from halfway around the globe, and it decides that Elena looks awfully enjoyable. Even when brought back to his ordinary self, Damon is difficult, and it isn’t until Elena and Damon go looking for Stefan that she gets a look at what’s under Damon’s shell. This is the epic Vampire Diaries fans have been waiting for; I hope you’ll enjoy it. "

Oh, we will, Ms. Smith, we will! We can't wait!


wolfgirl said...

i cant wait i loved the other books i just got them all finished and i was not hopeing they would end like that so happy for the new one to come.:)

Anonymous said...

when does it come out??

anna said...

It actually just came out on Feb. 10th, (I was all over town to find my copy). It was a lot different then the first 4 but I could NOT put it down. It's a real page turner. I've actually heard some of the fans didn't like the dark edgier new Vampire Diaries book, but it's my understanding that this trilogy on Damon is going to start really harsh and then get so much better in the next two books, more like her old style of writing. What do you guy's think? Has anyone else read it yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it was only recent that i bought the books and i absolutly loved IT! i was wondering though...where do you find book 5? i searched at most collin bookstores-australia-they dont sell it, i dont want to buy it online, so how do i buy it??
P.S i want something good to happen to damon, plz??

Debnog said...

I confess, I bought it at a Target store here in the U.S.

I did find it online at Amazon. Here's the link:

himwari said...

ive been trying to look for it @ target , but which one is it in?
i live in the east cost of the us..Maryland! and i cant seem to find it @ all

Debnog said...

Well, here's the story...read them in this order:

1. Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and the Struggle
2. Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion
3. Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall

I'll add pictures of the books to the original posting so you can see the covers!