Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twilight Cool Things Countdown: 7 More days...

Midnight Sun Movie Scene!
MTV News Reports that “Twilight” Director Catherine Hardwicke has revealed exclusively to MTV News that the forthcoming “Twilight” DVD will feature a deleted scene from none other than “Midnight Sun,” the book which tells the story from Edward’s perspective that author Stephenie Meyer abandoned when it was prematurely leaked online. Awesome! It's a small victory, but we still want Midnight Sun to be published, Stephenie!

Twilight in the White House?
In other news, according to the latest issue of US Weekly, Stephenie Meyer has a couple fans who will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a couple months. The magazine reports that President-Elect Barack Obama and his ten-year-old daughter Malia often bond over addictive book series, “They read all the Harry Potter books together and have moved on to the Twilight series.”

Hmmm…I wonder? Is he Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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Amanda said...

I don't know about Barack but I thought you'd like to know (as I know it will make Deb happy to have another friend on her side) that Hayley Williams of Paramore has declared herself Team Jacob in an interview with MTV here:

Meanwhile I'm going to let myself believe Barack has better sense and sees the joy of