Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight brings over $70 Million, Rob and Kristin are in for New Moon!

Twilight the movie generated an estimated $70.5 million in North American box-office receipts during its opening weekend! The big success of ''Twilight'' also helps ensure Summit Entertainment's position in Hollywood. ''Twilight'' is the new studio's sixth release and only cost $37 million.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Sources say stars Robert Pattinson, 22, and Kristin Stewart, 18, will get huge salary boosts from the $2 million each earned for "Twilight" -- reportedly $10 million more, per film, plus a nice percentage of the future movies' box-office take. While Pattinson and Stewart are coming back as the romantic vampire Edward Cullen and his young human love Bella Swan, the upcoming People Magazine reports that all major actors from the megahit vampire flick have signed on for the 2010 sequel New Moon and the Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is getting ready for the next film.



wolfgirl said...

awsome i cant wait for the next one i wish i were rich owell lol

Amanda said...

I'm wondering how they're going to age Jacob. Any ideas? Can they really use the same guy? He's so baby faced.

wolfgirl said...

lol thats a good ?

Debnog said...


I ran across this article today of an interview with Catherine Hardwicke. See what she says:

"I was doing a lot of research on wolves before [filming 'Twilight'], and we had a scene with the wolves in it," she explained. "So we're already thinking a little bit about [Jacob's transformation into a wolf]. Then there's the stunts, and there's Italy. It's all cooking in the brain."

She also reiterated her confidence in Lautner's ability not only to accurately portray Jacob — described in the books as growing to a muscular 6-foot-7 during "New Moon" — but also to carry a romantic storyline with Kristen Stewart's Bella for much of the next film. "We are putting him on a medieval torture thing and stretching him," Hardwicke laughed. "No, he's only 16, so he is still growing. His dad is tall, and he's working out, so you never know. ... [Creating the love triangle] will definitely be the challenge. That would be a thing to work on too. How do you deepen that chemistry and make it go to the next level?

"The wolves will be tricky, because they are supposed to be these giant wolves," she continued. "Is it going to be CGI, real wolves or a combination? There are five standard industry ways of doing it. Which will be most effective. When you read the book, you see how quickly they transform, and you see the shredding clothes and the popping collars, so that's a challenge. How does that read on film? How does that translate to film? What you normally do is you do tests. You figure out some things that are working better, and things that are not working better. You try them out, hopefully, on real people."