Friday, May 8, 2009

Book Discussion: Dangerous Girls

May's book discussion is on Dangerous Girls by R.L. Stine. The Book Club met in person at the library yesterday, and we talked about the book selection. I won't candy-coat this, there were really mixed opinions about this book. Several people felt that it was slow-moving, unbelievable, with a weak plot and weak characters.

On the other hand, there were members of the group who said that sure, it wasn't Twilight, but it was a good book, and totally worth a read. One person who really liked the books said that you really had to read the sequel to understand and appreciate them.

What did you think?


hannah said...

this was an interesting book... yeah.

Shelbi said...

Well i read it a long time ago and i remembered it as a good book...but then i read it again and i hated it!!! I recomended it for the book club and then after reading it again i felt really bad cuz it sucked. lol it was a good book if u read it b4 u read twilight.