Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Moon Poster!


hannah said...

ewww. i dont like edward but i LOVE JACOB SO MUCH!!!!!!! i cant wait for the movie to come out!!! i hope its better than the first because it wasnt as good as i thought it was gonna be.

Shelbi said...

shut up hannah!! And they both look so hot in that pic!! I ma re-readin the books and they r better than i remembered them!! They r sooo good!!!And i cant wait to c the movie!!! I am goin crazy waitin for it!!!

TheHost said...

I think I like the fan made posters better lol. Here are the links to them if you want to compare (just copy and paste the link):





TheHost said...

The Edward and jacob links didn't print write so here they are again:



*Note*: Make sure you take the space out of the link for Jacob between ".org" and the "/".

Debnog said...

I like the symbolism in the poster. Edward has his back turned to Bella (he's decided to leave her), Bella is facing Edward, but has her arms tenatively around Jacob (she can't stop wanting to find Edward, but a relationship is budding with Jacob), and Jacob is turned to face Bella (because she is what he cares about).
Jacob is standing in between the couple, because at this point in the series, anything is possible---will he take Edward's place in her heart?