Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Discussion: Vampire Diaries, The Awakening

1. The Awakening
2. The Struggle
3. The Fury
4. Dark Reunion

We'll start with talking about
The Awakening...

What did you think of the characters when you first met them in this book?
Did you like Elena? Did you like Stefan?
Who do you think the TRUE villain in this story is?
What is the significance of the crow in this book?

Do you have any insights, predictions or questions you'd like answered? Comment below!!! Let's get our Bella Book Club ON!


Amanda said...

I will confess I had a very hard time liking the main character at first and I can't stand the names but the books were overall very good. A little too neatly wrapped up at the end but really good. Try Secret Circle as well. i liked that one better but maybe that's just my love of all things witchcraft?

nickole said...

i like it so far im not throw it yet to much to do but its greater then frosted flakes get it because there great lol well hope i finish soon

alexander stirling said...

i know ppl say twilight is better but this came befor twilight and i for one reading this searis befor twilight think that is is better on an graphic and emoshinal leve

Shelbi said...

I loved this book. I can't believe I just found out about it. They should make a movie out of this book. I think it would get just as much plublicity as twilight if not more. I liked Elena and Stefan immediately! I love how Elena is the it girl and Stefan is the mysterious new foreign kid. I think that the rest of the books will be awesome! I'm so glad I joined this bookclub! I am getting introduced to lots of new books and every one that I have read so far I've loved so I can't wait to see what we will read next!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like Elena. It was something about her I couldn't really figure out. Maybe it was the fact that she had and got everything she ever wanted. Why was she trying to get more? She had a sweet boyfriend before Stefan came, and she just totally dumped him for the new foreign kid. I liked Stefan at once, though. He's officially my dream guy lol. =P They are my favorite series. I haven't read any other of L.J. Smith's books, but I am hoping to soon. People say The Vampire Diaries are a lot like the Twilight series. I agree on that, but it's not like they were meant to be the same. L.J. Smith wrote these books before Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight. I think they are both really good series.

Debnog said...

I agree, I mean, they're similar, but not the same at all! Bella is so much more vulnerable, although I guess that Elena is vulnerable because of her self-centered attitude. I still like Twilight better, but I think this series is a great second place.

If you haven't read any other L.J. Smith, I can totally recommend another series, The Secret Circle, by the same author. It's about witches this time, but really engrossing. A librarian friend of mine actually prefers The Secret Circle books to The Vampire Diaries! I've read some of Night World. It was okay, but I like the longer series better. Hope you like them!

anna said...

I guess Twilight and the vampire diaries have their similarities but since I started reading the vampire diaries first I feel that they are better. They are both good of course but The vampire diaries and the nightworld books just have something extra that draws me in and just won't let go. I like the secret circle series too but I've only been able to get my hands on the first two from my school library but I heard that the secret circle is gonna be released again really soon in omnibus form for all of us newer fans that didn't get them the first time around lol duh, I was like 5 then or something! But seriously I can't wait I think L.J. smith is going to be my new favorite author mostly cuz everything by her that I've been able to read I loved! has anyone else read the brand new vampire diaries book yet? the return:nightfall one (about damon)?

Debnog said...

Hey Anna,

I really love the Vampire Diaries as well. It has a "sweeping epic" quality to it, and the characters really pull you in.

I thought that you'd like to know that last year, Secret Circle, books 1 and 2 were published as "The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive" in the U.S. by HarperCollins. The second volume, which is called, "The Secret Circle: The Captive Part Two and The Power" was just published in January, 2009. I've finished the series---it was really good.

Last Tuesday I ran out to buy the new Vampire Diaries book, "Nightfall: The Return". I've been reading it, and it's good, it really is good, and I am glad we have another Vampire Diaries book, BUT, it sadly, I have to report that it isn't quite as good as those first two books. The characters, however, are still the same, and I think it's remarkable that the author can maintain an authenticity for each character, after all these years. Meredith is still the strong one, Bonnie can't keep her mouth shut, Matt is still as chivalrous. Damon and Stefan still have sibling issues. I LOVE the Damon character in particular, because he is so multi-faceted. He's bad, he's incorrigible, unscrupulous...but he does have a sense of humanity about him, and he has a heart in there somewhere, even if it is small, made of stone, and not beating.

Anonymous said...

I read the awakening when it first came out and afterwards read the twilight series. To me there are WAY to many similarities that I have to think Stephanie Meyer used the LJ Smith book as a starting point for Twilight. However she took the idea of a love triangle morphed it into something spectacular. What the LJ Smith books were lacking was a connection to the characters on a personal level and an ending that is epic. Those books don't have that. Stephenie Meyer wrapped everything up spectacularly in a way you didn't expect where LJ Smith stayed very much to cliche. Has anyone seen that nightfall came out recently where Elena gets a letter from Stephan saying he is "Leaving" her.... looks like the roles have reversed and LJ is taking ideas from Meyer now.

Debnog said...

An old professor of mine used to say, "There isn't anything that you can think up that hasn't been thought about before."

I think that there are only so many romantic tanglements that can be written, and that there are no original ideas about that anymore. So, when a new book is written about a human and a vampire, there's gonna be a whole lot of similarites to others in the same genre.

I have read "Nightfall", the new Vampire Diaries book, and boy, if you haven't finished it, you are in for a fun ride! Enjoy!

anna said...

Thanks, Debnog!!!! I didn't know it was out yet!!!Most of my books I get from my school library and it lacks the best stuff sometimes.

And yes, I did get to read Nightfall =)))), I adored it too, i loved seeing so much of damon. I'd also like to tell the earlier poster, Stefan doesn't really leave Elena on purpose, at least not leave, leave her, but I won't spoil it for anyone.

Anonymous said...

heyy pplz
i have read this book and i loved it. Personally i think it is better then twilight.
Read the whole series it is awesome.
I liked Elena but she is a little selfish.
they are making this into a t.v series...
I personally think it is better suited as a movie but all well.
There is one problem with them making it into a t.v series and tht is tht they are changing it.
Elena's younger sister is now a 15 year old brother whos on drugs or something.
What to you thing about this?

anna said...

Yes! I've heard they are doin a pilot for it. Seriously??? they turned Margarette into a boy??? Thats so crazy! All i've heard was that the actress playin Elena is gonna be a brunette!! I'm still gonna watch tho cuz i love the vampire diaries series and it will be fun to sort of "put a face" on hotties damon and stefan!

Anonymous said...
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irishgurl said...

twilights better dan vampire daries cause i think the vampire diaries is a little slow to get to the point where as twilight just sucks u in ... true blood is brilliant to and damon in vampire diaries is the best character nd when he s nt in it . its just not that exciting . i love the ending of midnight thou